"your arms are backwards."

A personal project worked on in collaboration with the other members of the REDSHiFT Creative. RPS is a multiplayer shooter unlike any other, with traditional first person shooter conventions being... reversed. 

Reverse Person Shooter is not currently in active development at this moment in time, and currently exists in prototype form.

 Reverse Person Shooter 

 Role: Game Design, UI Design 

 Project Gumshoe VR 

 Role: Game Design, UI Design, Audio 

"You are a clumsy rookie detective in a post modern San Francisco tasked with defusing a high-grade explosive in a luxury apartment in VR."

Our final year university project, and the only project that year to be carried out in VR.

Project Gumshoe allows the user to put their detective skills to the test in this short virtual reality experience powered by Unreal Engine 4.


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