These simfiles are created with the expanded capabilities of NotITG in mind.


Please do not:

  • Attempt to run them on:
    StepMania 3.9, StepMania 3.95, OpenITG or StepMania 5. (THINGS WILL BREAK)

  • Attempt to convert them to the above platforms without permission.

  • Repost these files to other websites or compile them into a collection without permission.


Thank you and WELCOME TO DIE 

I was really drunk when I made this.

TaroNuke helped me out a lot by figuring out exactly how many times the roach rotates.

The steps are awful, don't expect a high grade.


Another drunk mods extravagansa.

This is an update of an already existing joke simfile based on Rocco Botte's pizzaday.wmv.

Help from dad (TaroNuke) because I was too drunk to figure out transparency in Affinity.

  Oregon Spirit 

thanks for your help, Puuro!

Funny Simfile 

I've got no words for this one.

Play it!


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